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Working To Break The Cycle of Homelessness

We’re “Coming Out” to the 

​​4115 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR   97217

Hand Up Project is excited to announce our newest partner against hunger the “Q Center” 

The People’s Pantry Emergency Food Program is being hosted at the Q Center 

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 12 to 4 p.m.

NOTICE:​​    Produce and Dry Goods Only!!

We WILL NOT have freezers or refrigerators at this location.

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Hand Up Project is also a partner agency with the  Oregon Food Bank

The People's Pantry is a
LGBTQ Affirming Agency

Through this partnership the pantry is able to offer the surrounding community a free “shopping style” food pantry to anyone who is in need. 

Pantry volunteers accompany participants through our pantry to shop for 5 to 7 days of food for their families.  We do our best to accommodate individuals dietary and cultural needs, as well as those with limited or no cooking facilities. Last year we averaged nearly 7 tons of food each month

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Operating the pantry offers “Hand Up Project” a “hands on” opportunity to get to know and earn the trust of those requiring our services.  Food is a great way to breakdown social barriers as a first step in working with our homeless and near homelessness community and helping them connect with other needed services.

You can help!  

Financially:  Sponsors are needed to help continue this outreach  program to our homeless and disenfranchised community.

Please donate by credit, debit or PayPal using our “Donation Button” or check donations may be remitted to:     Hand Up Project, PO Box 12426, Portland, OR, 97212. 

Physically:    If you can’t help financially, we are always in need of volunteers to help operate the pantry.  Interested?   Contact, Mike at [email protected]

​​Peoples Pantry is an equal opportunity provider, we respect each individual’s dignity and basic rights.